Why we need Minerals now more than ever

We need minerals now more than ever because people’s immune systems are suffering. I know people who get at least 3-4 colds or flu like symptoms every year and treat it like its normal, it interferes with their everyday life and work, but let me tell you its not normal at all.

We are told to make sure we include 5 portions of fruit or vegetables in our diets every day, but is this enough? Can you honestly say that you feel any benefit from this? Even if you reply no to this question, you would not stop trying to fit that 5 portions in a day would you?

Many people don’t realise our bodies are made up of 99 minerals and that minerals help maintain;

  • Immune system
  • Healthy bones
  • Enzyme function
  • Balanced ph
  • Cellular health

All health and disease starts in your cells, if your cells are not healthy your overall health is definitely at risk. If you were building a house you would not use sand as the foundation to build on would you? The same is with your body; think of your cells as the foundation of your house of health.

Due to over farming, air pollution, pesticides, fertilizers, and acid rain over the last 50 years our soils are depleted of vital minerals, most people when they feel run down reach for the vitamins, but quite often their body is not receiving the correct mineral content from just relying on getting minerals from food that their body wont absorb vitamins, they may take them for a week and stop because they feel no benefit.

Sizzling Minerals contain 75 Minerals of which 60 are vital for every day health, they are plant derived, using water and filters, suitable for vegans, they don’t contain any fats, colours, carbs or preserves, suitable for people of all ages and dissolves easily in a glass of water.

Many practitioners and healthcare professionals recommend supplements and 4 out of 10 people in the UK use health supplements, Global awareness is growing rapidly.

The cost of minerals v your health?

We only ever think about our health when there is something wrong with it, I know I am guilty of this and that’s how I found the Minerals, some of you may know my story, with my low blood pressure problem, low blood pressure if often dismissed by lots of people as a good thing (well its not high is it!) but believe me getting through a day when you suffer with low blood pressure is a task in itself, or it was for me, which is why I can hand on heart totally recommend this product, I can’t make any promises for you but all I can tell you is it works for me, and I am happy to recommend this product.

For 80p a day for me its worth it, what can you buy for 80p? a bar of chocolate, an energy drink? Most people spend £3-£4 a day on a take away coffee.  I think we all fall into different categories here, for me its not about the cost, its about “does it work?” and for me YES it does.

Why would you not invest in the most important aspect of life YOUR HEALTH!

If you have any questions or would like to buy Sizzling Minerals from me please click the link below of give me a call 07581246272, If I don’t answer, drop me a text.