Choosing a nail colour

Choosing a nail colour, how hard can it be?

One of the biggest questions we have in the salon is when clients are choose a nail colour, they simply dont know what to choose, this may seem like a big deal for some but for others adventurous enough to try colour, they can often be sat there for such a long time tooing and frowing between shaded of reds, pastels or just French.

So my advice to those who are unsure is based on a few factors

1/ What colour do you wear a lot of?

Look at your wardrobe do you buy lots of one particular colour? If your wardrobe is full of pink clothes your highly unlikely to be picking a green colour polish, if you wear a lot of black think about your accessories or maybe choose a colour to match a scarf or bag.

2/ What colour makes you safe and happy?

We all have a safe or happy colour, sometimes its not obvious, but when you first start to look you may need to dig a little deeper round, to see what colours you like in our own home, it maybe a favourite flower or a particular jewellery accessory.

3/ Your skin tone.

Having darker skin lends well to darker and more bolder colours, pale skin tones play it safe with nude colours, pinks and French.

4/ Your hair colour

Your hair colour plays a big part, blondes tend to lean towards classic red colours or French, Brunettes like to play it bold with blues, greens and something unusual, reds tend to sway towards pastels, browns, bronzes and nudes.

5/ Going to an event and want to colour coordinate?

Having an event to attend often can cause weeks if not months of thought about what nail colour to have? But you don’t always have to match exactly, if you are wearing a Pink dress for a wedding but would not dream of wearing pink polish on your fingers then think about matching with Nude shoes, bags or accessories, or just play it safe with good old French which matches everything

6/ Whats in fashion / Seasonality? Christmas its fair to say us nail technicians are covered head to toe in red glitter the week prior to the festive season, its like its some unwritten law choose red, or any variation or red or gold glitter! Spring sees lots of pastels colours with the odd client wanting to mix it up with lots of variations all at once! Summer we say hello to coral, oranges, bright glitters and bright neon pinks. Once the summer holidays are over and the dark nights start to draw in the winter reds, burnt crimson and autumnal colours arrive as the leaves fall from the trees.

But whatever you choose your only 2 or 3 weeks away from making another choice, so choose what makes you happy, try to get into your head a group of colours you have in mind prior to your nail appointment, so if you know you want a red, only look at red choices, sometimes there is just so much choice we get confused thinking we should have something different, but have whatever you like.

So you see we have so many choices to make, good luck with yours!

Lisa x







Mascara Unhappiness

Mascara Unhappyness!

This morning I wrote a post on my Facebook page about Mascara as I seem to be buying a new mascara every month, because I genuinely can not find one I am happy with. As I type I can hear an advert on the TV for a maybelline mascara! I am constantly fed up of seeing misleading adverts for mascara with the model having enhanced lash extensions.

This week Benefit recently came out as the number 1 mascara in a recent poll but I found this the worse one! at nearly £20 all I was left with was clumpy lashes and practically impossible to remove so I eagerly awaited any responses. Below is a vast range of recommendations and some to avoid. Hope you enjoy to read.

So in my search for the perfect mascara here is what I wrote.

“Ok so genuinely all I am seeing at the moment is Mascara unhappyness, Everywhere I look people seem to be asking what’s your favourite mascara, I must have about 12 mascaras on the go and I am not happy with any of them, Ive tried MAC, Benefit, channel, every Max Factor one, cheep ones, expensive ones! so are you genuinely Happy with your mascara?
just tell us below what you use and why you like it.Thanks x”


The only mascara I’ve worn since I was 15 is max factor calorie 2000 in black and everyone comments on my lashes, I’ve tried every mascara out there and nothing matches it. I love it. – Catherine

• I love Lancôme hypnosis mascara n I’ve tried a few. – Paula

• I have very deep set eyes and try as I might, I’ve never found one that doesnt leave smudges under my eyes by the end of the night..I think its the oil in my skin? But I might try the L’Oreal one. – Jayne

• Soap and Glory Thick and Fast for every day and L’Oreal Double Extension Waterproof for nights out. I wore the L’Oreal one on my wedding day and it did not budge despite tears and heat and everything – the only reason I don’t wear it all the time is that it seriously doesn’t budge, I was still wearing the same mascara on my honeymoon 4 days later! – Jane

• I’ve also used loads of mascaras ranging from cheap to expensive but my favorite which I’ve used for years is Avon supershock. It’s usually only £5. – Emma

• I use Avon ones I use the spectra lash has 3 different settings on it. – Rachel

• I’ve tried loads but the best I’ve found is Dior iconic over curl its so good I tried others but nothing measures up to it. – Joanne

• Always used rimmel since I was a teen, once you find one that suits you it’s hard to beat
. – Abbi

• Soap & Glory. – Corinne

• I use YSL faux lash effect about £20 but worth it
. – Niki

• I get mine from the internet, from America. Jordana best lash extreme. It’s brilliant and it’s only about 3 pounds. – Emily

• Body shop. -Vic

• I wear strip lashes!! I use soap and glory mascara on my bottom lashes and use it over my strip lashes. It make my bottom lashes look long and doesn’t clump. – Michelle

• Clineque lash power long wearing formula that defines even the smallest lash stands out from the crowd for me no others I’ve tried over the years looks as good without any clogging going on. – Angela

• Iv tried most of the above. All no good, just bought mascara from next they have a make up range I heard was good!!! Oh worse mascara Iv ever used!! £9. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price , it’s not a bargain as it’s awful. I’m now left with another wasted tube of mascara!!!

• I have used Dior in the past but I prefer Soap and Glory, it’s as dark and slightly less clumpy and it costs half as much! – Jane

• Mac Haute and Naughty! By far the best I’ve tried. Rosie

• I use No 7 lash impact which you can build it up without it clumping or good old faithful max factor calorie 2000. – Cheryl

• Clarins – violet and soap and glory
. – Katherine

• Bobby Brown. – Vicky

• The benefit one smudges badly as I have long lashes. I like volume million by l’oreal but you have to use it for about a week before it reaches it’s best…….think the plastic brush needs to soften! – Amy

• Soap and glory or any Maybelline – cheap and good!! – Heather

• Clinique eyelash extension – does what it says and very night on the eyes not too heavy!

• Boots no 7
. – Margaret

• Estee lauder more than mascara brilliant. Kim

• L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes So Couture is fab, me steph n anna luv it separates and builds a fab false lash look and you can build it and build it for evening look. I got baggy puffy skin above my eye socket and it doesnt transfer. Highly recommend. – Wendy

Thanks to all who took the time to comment.

I also asked My daughter Layla what she recommends and she said one from Bodycare, volumising mascara lash extreme.

If you are currently experiencing Mascara unhappiness then I do hope some of the above comments may have helped you with your next selection. Please feel free to comment about your favourite mascara or your findings in the comment box below Lisa x x


Cleaning your Make up brushes

Make up brushes after cleaning

Make up brushes after cleaning

  Tonight I was having a spring clean in the bedroom and stopped to do my weekly brush clean and it dawned on me that this is something that often gets ignored, in fact one of my friends admitted to me this week that she just throws her make brushes away and buys new ones, now I was quite surprised by this flippant action as I have always invested in decent make up brushes kept them clean and they have lasted me for years and years.
I thought I would share with you a few various ways I have come across over the years about cleaning your make up brushes.
A few thing you need to remember are; – 1/ do you best to keep water from getting in the brush handle as this is where the bristles are held together with glue and it may cause bristles to come out, 2/ don’t store brush upright after until completely dry.

Believe me if you are not in any kind of routine for cleaning brushes you will do your best to try to talk yourself out of doing it, now is not a good time, my brushes won’t be dry in time, I will do them after I’ve put my make up on (opse I’ve forgot) so just get them done, I always think using your make up brushes after they have been washed it like getting into clean sheets. Honestly once you start you will love how it feels!
Here’s what you need
Anti bacteria hand wash / mild shampoo or Dermalogica medibac cleanser or a gel cleanser.
A clean dry flannel or hand towel

Start by washing your hands, then whatever shampoo, cleanser, hand wash you decide to use place a pea size in the palm of your hand then gently with the brush swirl in circles, start running warm water and rinse the cleanser off, apply another pea size and repeat as many times as you need until the water runs clear, do your best not to scrub the bristles hard as you don’t want them falling out. Once you are happy it’s clean get either a dry clean face flannel or hand towel and squeeze the excess water out then using the same gentle circular motion you used for washing the brush now dry the brush, you are not trying to get the brush totally dry just removing the excess water and then shaping the bristles back into the original shape. Place the brush on a clean towel on a flat surface, if the heating is on I sometimes place on a towel on the radiator ( do not place bushes on radiator without a towel, or you can place on a window ledge if it’s warm and sunny ideally or just in a warm place, do not attempt to dry with a hair dryer.

How often to clean brushes? Well I try to clean mine once a week because I wear make up every day, unless in am not leaving the house. If you are using your brushes on other people Then most defiantly I would say clean them after every use.

Happy Brush Cleaning
Lisa x

Weekend Lashes – The Questions?

Weekend lashes is a question we get asked about so much,  hopefully I will be able to answer all your questions.

1/ What are weekend lashes? – Weekend lashes are also other wise known as cluster lashes, they are a cluster of 4/5 or 6 lashes together.  They come in various sizes from mini, small, medium to large and also black or brown, but I only use black personally.

2/ How are they applied? – We add a drop of glue to the end where they are all joined together and this is then applied to your own lashes.

3/ How long do they take to apply? – About 20-30 minutes depending if you arrive with Mascara on or not? If you arrive with Mascara on then you would be asked to remove this first.

4/ How long do they last? – Well this all depends how well you look after them! usually a weekend to a week is most common, it all depends how fast your lashes grow.

5/ How do I look after them? – By removing eye make-up very carefully as most makeup removers may break down the glue, so maybe use a wipe round they eye area, if you use sponges, a flannel or any other type of cloth to remove your cleanser then keep away from the lash area.

6/ How do I remove them? – This is a salon professional treatment so we do have lash glue remover in the salon but it is not widely available to buy, firstly I will start by saying do not pick off as this may pull your own lashes off, start by getting a few cotton buds, some cotton pads, a bowl of warm water and some make up remover or baby oil, very gently put some make up remover or baby oil on a cotton bud and very lightly rub from one side to another where the lashes are attached, ensuring you do not get any make up remover in your eye, then alternate with warm water on a pad wiping over the eye and this will break the glue down very slowly, or if you do have lash glue remover just follow the instructions on the bottle. I would suggest you do one eye at a time if you are doing it yourself and be patient.

7/ How do I know what size lashes to ask for? – Your therapist will discuss with you the look you want, wether it be a fuller look or a longer dramatic look, or just simply a little fuller and longer.

Hope this answers any questions you may have, if you do have a question I have not covered here then drop me an email or send us a message on my Facebook page

Lisa x



Winter Skin Care

You may have noticed some changes to your skin this time of year and this is quite normal.  There are many things that you will not have thought about like turning the central heating on causing your skin to become dryer and dehydrated, or  going out into the cold and wind, exposing your skin to cold harsh weather conditions, it is no wonder your skin it going to need a little extra help this time of year.  Its party season  so we can also blame festive nights out for for putting our skin through its paces, with a little over indulgence, our skin can react in various ways, however increasingly stressful lifestyles can contribute further to dry dehydrated skin in people of all ages.

Everybody’s skin is different, genetically and the products we use, what we expose our skin to can sometimes have a big impact on  how our skin looks and feels, breakouts can occur, but most commonly severe dehydration and dryness causing skin to become irritated itchy and inflamed, the worst areas can be cheeks and eyes as well as the whole of your body but the good news is you are not alone and there are things you can do  to improve the appearance and feel of your skin.

1/ Exfoliation – Exfoliating your skin regularly and removed dull dead skin cells  helps the products we use afterwards to penetrate the skin fully, My recommendation is Daily Microfoliant, the best exfoliaoer I have ever used, suitable for all skin types, you can use it twice a day, and even mix it in with your Dermalogica cleanser if your a bit short on time. It always gives great brightening results every time, use this for your face only.  To be honest also a good soak in a bubble bath with some body exfoliator and a body net scrub, wont go a miss, you never know when you may be needing to get those legs out! and  smother in a body lotion afterwards, how you look after your skin in the winter will effect how it looks come the spring.  DO NOT IGNORE!

2/ Moisturiser – Your skin can change and you may need a heavier moisturiser in the winter, don’t just presume your skin is the same all year round, everyone is different, if you feel your skin is starting to dry out a little then I would say don’t panic! Change your routine slightly using a heavier cream at night.

3/ Face masks – It has been scientifically proven that topically applied vitamins do improve the health of skin, vitamin A helps to inhibit collagen breakdown while stimulating collagen production for more plump looking skin, vitamin B5 aids in healing while vitamin E is an antioxidant that provides a barrier protection while smoothing skin, again make time for yourself in that bubble bath and lay back and relax with a face mask on.

4/ Lip Balm – No matter whether your lips are chapped or not wear lip balm all the time to protect them from wind, rain and cold, this will help keep them in tip top condition for those party nights, there is nothing worse then trying to apply red lippy to dry, chapped lips! * Try Dermalogica Climate control

I could go on but to be honest these are my 4 most important “Must do’s for your skin”  Stick to doing these and you will keep looking fabulous all over the festive period and through to the spring.  Do get a facial if you have time, do drink lots of water and fruity teas or plenty of fresh orange,  check out vitamins if you are feeling over tired and sluggish and take time to look at your skin and think how it feels, if you need to ask a question you can always email me to or drop me a line on our Facebook page Flutterby Salon Southport

My recommended kit for you to try – Dermalogica dry Skin Kit

Contact the salon for price and stock availability.

This Dermalogica Skin Kit contains a full regimen of what your skin needs most.
essential cleansing solution 50 ml
multi active toner 50 ml
intensive moisture balance 22ml
gentle cream exfoliant 10ml
intensive eye repair 4ml

Dry Skin Kit

Dry Skin Kit

My top 10 Skin care tips

Here are my top 10 skin care tips

Lisa Carlin – Beauty Salon owner and Skin care Specialist

Dermalogica trained and certified therapist, salon and retailer

Lisa FLutterby Salon

Lisa Flutterby

  1. Always start by washing your hands and use clean flannels and towels every time.
  2. Start by having 3 great product Cleanser / Exfoliator / Moisturiser. There is not much point using serums, eye and lip creams if you don’t get the basics right
  3. Always remove cleanser with a hot flannel or sponges, do not use wipes or remove cleanser with wet cotton pads, remember your ears! Don’t forget to clean them too.
  4. Rinse a clean flannel in water, fold in half and roll up into a sausage shape, wring water out, place in microwave for 20- 30 seconds and then you have a lovely steamed flannel to open pores use this to remove your cleanser.
  5. If having a shower or a bath always wash your face after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair this removes any residue product that may be left on the skin.
  6. Use a lip balm all year regardless of the weather conditions.
  7. Check shelf life and expiry dates on products, if its out of date chuck it, if it doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it give it away.
  8.  If you have night creams or moisturisers that are to rich for you or give you spots just use them on your neck area.
  9.  Remember to moisturise your neck, ears and back of your neck, these areas are more prone to sun damage and ageing and areas people forget to protect
  10. 10.  When applying moisturiser apply to the tips of your fingers only, dap on your face and just use fingers to blend, hands can be dry and will absorb a huge amount of product if you use your palms to rub in.

Looking after your Shellac nails

Shellac Nails!

Such a big subject where to start?

Well I think basically the purpose of this post is to highlight that you do have some maintenance to do your self in looking after your nails and getting them to last well for you.  I do hear on numerous occasions people say “Oh Shellac ruined my nails!” and my first question will be “Did you pick it off” 9 out of 10 people will say “yes”, next question “did you use a cuticle oil every day?” reply “no” well my response is I am not surprised! do not expect any sympathy from me at all!, this may seem a little harsh you say but this is a salon treatment which has become more available to buy the kit off the internet, but there is a skill to removing it, and looking out for any problems that may occur and some may not know what to look for, but how are you supposed to know if no one ever told you?

My tips for Happy and healthy Shellac Nails

I always recommend that you wear rubber gloves, (preferably Marigolds, yes they are a little more expensive but you will get months out of them) for washing up, gardening or any household chores that my involve detergent or bleach.

I recommend you use a good quality Cuticle Oil all the time, and I mean every day! No not a hand cream, oh well go on a hand cream but that is as well! I look at hand cream as a drink for your skin and a cuticle oil as a food for your nails, put it around and under your nails most definitely every night before you get in bed, and in the morning once you are washed, if you can get it on mid day as well all the better.

I would also recommend that you have a reshellac every 2 weeks, I have some clients who get longer and I am talking 4 or 5 weeks but sometimes they run the risk of them snapping.

You can file the nails when you have shellac on, again I have some clients who cut them down and file them but beware you are removing the seal on the free edge and making it easier for water to get in between the Shellac and the nail, and then the Shellac possibly lifting.

AVOID – Hot baths soaking your hands for hours under the water, heated swimming pools, spas, sauna, although your shellac will not immediately it will shorten its durability.

REMEMBER not everybody’s nails are the same, some peoples nails are weak some are strong, some nails react well to shellac others do not, some people just like it for a special occasion, others have it all the time, just remember NO PICKING!!!

And remember when your Shellac comes off, if you are not re applying it then you need to re buff your nails with a 3 way buffer. If you would like to know how to remove Shellac from your nails then pop over to my Website page Shellac Removal at Flutterby Salon Southport where I have explained everything you need and how to do it yourself as we would in a salon.

If you have any more questions for me about Shellac I will be happy to answer if I can. Lisa x

Shellac nails

Keep Calm and get Shellac nails