It’s all about the Brows

One of the most common questions we get asked is how often should I get my eyebrows waxed? Well my answer is everyone is different, we have clients who come in every week for a brow wax and others that prefer a little “tweeze” once a year! Personally I am in the monthly band but that’s only because it’s on my doorstep and when we have a little gap in someone’s busy day I like to squeeze myself in, I thought I would share with you some of the best tips to keeping your eye brows in great shape.

Firstly everybody’s hair grows at different speeds, I have clients who have “over plucked” plucked being a term detested by some therapists, “you pluck a chicken, you tweeze brows,” but I don’t mind the phrase plucked! And I have to say we don’t get clients walk in in asking if we “Tweeze brows” so yes if clients have over plucked in the past due to a particular fashion or just trying to match brows and taking to many out sometimes be warned they may not grow back the same, if at all, and worst of all in the same direction as before!
And worst still for the quick fix are clients who attempt to shave them, yes you heard me correctly I did say “shave” them.

So my first rule of thumb advice would be if you get your hair coloured regularly, get them waxed / shaped the day before or the day of your colour, personally being a forty something lady I get my colour done every 4 weeks as my hair grows quite quickly, this I would say is most common amongst our clients.

Those who are fair seem to be able to go a little longer say 5-7 weeks but this depends on your own personal look and if you like a defined brow.
A good brow shape really can make your face look defined and show off your eyes, I think you can spend less time doing your make up if your brows look good.

Having a wax does wonders for removing all the fine hairs you could never remove with tweezers, some like to tweeze in between wax appointments, but I personally don’t bother, again it’s personal choice.

Some therapists don’t wax above the brow but I do, I like that defined cleaner look, I think it was an old fashioned thing of the past when therapists didn’t, but don’t be afraid to check with your therapist first to make sure you get the look you want, again it’s your choice, I used to wonder why they didn’t?

Don’t underestimate the power of a brow tint!

The following is only my opinion of what I feel looks most natural or suits which hair colour but at the end of the day they are your brows to do with as you wish.

Blonde hair – brown tint, left on for a few minutes will be perfect for a natural light brown look, for someone who uses make up to a minimum, left for 5-10 minutes is perfect for someone who wears a little heavier make up and prefers a more defined brow, brown black or black for those who like a very dark sharp brow look.

Red heads – tend to only have brown brows kept to a natural look, maybe a little darker for those who wear heavy make up.

Brunettes – generally a medium brown to brown black tint is perfect.

Dark red / purple coloured hair – carries off black brows very well, needs a strong colour on brows to compete with colour on hair

Black hair – black tint.

Again the choice is yours, most therapists I would say have a good eye for a natural shaped brow and a tint colour that would suit you.

Being realistic also about what you want
If you have narrow and short brows and you want full on long wide brows it’s not happening, we only tint what hair you do have, while some clients do like their skin tinted to give the brow a fuller solid look this does not work well for everyone, and that tint will wear off the skin in 24-48 hours, the most common look is to have something that looks natural.

Being in the sun will fade the colour of your brows ever so slightly, and also if your brows are going grey it’s a tricky one for the amount of time required that the tint stays on, the longer it stays on the darker and more solid it will look, but to cover grey it will need to stay on 7-10 minutes, also the more coarse the hair the longer the tint needs to stay on.

I like my brows tinted brown black 50/50 mix but if I am going on a night out I like them black, I also get loads of compliments when they are black, people tend to notice them more.

So I think that pretty much covers the most frequent brows questions!

Don’t underestimate the power of your brows!



Cleaning your Make up brushes

Make up brushes after cleaning

Make up brushes after cleaning

  Tonight I was having a spring clean in the bedroom and stopped to do my weekly brush clean and it dawned on me that this is something that often gets ignored, in fact one of my friends admitted to me this week that she just throws her make brushes away and buys new ones, now I was quite surprised by this flippant action as I have always invested in decent make up brushes kept them clean and they have lasted me for years and years.
I thought I would share with you a few various ways I have come across over the years about cleaning your make up brushes.
A few thing you need to remember are; – 1/ do you best to keep water from getting in the brush handle as this is where the bristles are held together with glue and it may cause bristles to come out, 2/ don’t store brush upright after until completely dry.

Believe me if you are not in any kind of routine for cleaning brushes you will do your best to try to talk yourself out of doing it, now is not a good time, my brushes won’t be dry in time, I will do them after I’ve put my make up on (opse I’ve forgot) so just get them done, I always think using your make up brushes after they have been washed it like getting into clean sheets. Honestly once you start you will love how it feels!
Here’s what you need
Anti bacteria hand wash / mild shampoo or Dermalogica medibac cleanser or a gel cleanser.
A clean dry flannel or hand towel

Start by washing your hands, then whatever shampoo, cleanser, hand wash you decide to use place a pea size in the palm of your hand then gently with the brush swirl in circles, start running warm water and rinse the cleanser off, apply another pea size and repeat as many times as you need until the water runs clear, do your best not to scrub the bristles hard as you don’t want them falling out. Once you are happy it’s clean get either a dry clean face flannel or hand towel and squeeze the excess water out then using the same gentle circular motion you used for washing the brush now dry the brush, you are not trying to get the brush totally dry just removing the excess water and then shaping the bristles back into the original shape. Place the brush on a clean towel on a flat surface, if the heating is on I sometimes place on a towel on the radiator ( do not place bushes on radiator without a towel, or you can place on a window ledge if it’s warm and sunny ideally or just in a warm place, do not attempt to dry with a hair dryer.

How often to clean brushes? Well I try to clean mine once a week because I wear make up every day, unless in am not leaving the house. If you are using your brushes on other people Then most defiantly I would say clean them after every use.

Happy Brush Cleaning
Lisa x

What Skin type do you THINK you are?

What skin type are you?

In skin care one size does not fit all so its really important you examine your skin to determine what skin type you are and any problems you may have

Firstly you need to determine what skin type you are?

  • Normal
  • Normal / Combination
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Acne

Then you may be prone to skin conditions that occur infrequently and skin care one size does not fit all so its really important you examine your skin and look out for signs like

  • Dryness
  • Flakey skin
  • Patchy areas
  • Premature ageing
  • Dehydration
  • Black heads / white heads
  • Open pores
  • Oily T zone
  • Acne / rosacea
  • Occasional breakouts (time of the month)
  • Sensitiveness
  • sensitized areas

Then once you have gathered your thoughts there are 2 things to think about firstly do you have basics to start your skin care? and second you need to be aware that you skin is changing all the time! so for example one of the most common problems I come across in the treatment room during the winter months and festive period when your skin can take a battering is dehydrated, your skin can become dryer than normal it can feel slightly itchy and flakey, but if in your current skin care routine you never use a face mask at home it can be one simple thing you do that can have a really big impact, then this will help to rehydrate your skin and reduce your skin condition, you may still always have dry skin but it will help to reduce the side effects the condition brings.

Word of warning! Avoid cheep highly perfumed face masks or those that have lots of colorants in them, take advice from your skin care therapist on what is the best mask for your skin.

If your feeling adventurous you can have a go at making your own mask! Google is one of my favorite virtual play grounds where you can find information about anything just type in a search home made face mask then add it another key word matching one of your needs like dry skin or acne click search and hey-presto google will fill your head full of wonderful recipes to get you started, I am a little reluctant to post a link as it is not maybe something we have tried and tested, but email me and let me know how you get on if you do have a play!

You can always pop in to see me in the Salon for your FREE facemapping and skin analysis this may also help you to kick start those good habits going

Hope this helps to inspire you enough to get you started into a new routine for the rest of your life

Lisa x

Dermalogica skin care therapist and retailer


Skin care. Where to start?

Where to start is probably one of the most common questions I get asked about by my clients, and for me finding out about their current skin care routine answers many questions, but before anyone starts to focus on an achievable skin care routine then they need to go through everything they own, cleansers, toners, exfoliators, masks and moisturisers.  It really doesnt’ matter if you don’t use them all what actually does matter is that you create a skin care routine that you are happy with and gets you results! So where do you start?

  1. Empty cupboards/draws/shelves of cleansers, toners, exfoliators, masks and moisturisers.
  2. Check expiry dates, if out of date then throw away.
  3. Does it work? if the product isn’t getting you the results you want then either give away or throw away.
  4. See what you need?  Whats left when you have sorted out what you do have, Basics! a cleanser and a moisturiser are the minimum required.

So this is where we start, once we have cleared the cupboards its time to learn what we need to do next!

Lisa x