A Home Body Exfoliation Guide

Body Exfoliation

Winter months are always dreadful for making our skin dry, we have the heating on more, we are sitting in front or roaring fires, then we are going out into opposing temperatures of freezing coldness, our skin in having to bear the brunt of these extremes and its not good.

I wanted to share with you a quick and easy body exfoliation method you can do at home to help you kick start getting your skin back into some sort of shape to get you feeling gorgeous and ready to tackle the New Year looking and feeling great.

So you may need to buy a few things but there is a good chance you may already have these lying about abandoned in the back of a cupboard in your bathroom.

The first thing you will need are body exfoliating gloves, these can be purchased from a cheep costcutter type shop, body care, boots etc, but don’t think if you spend more you will get better, its all in the method, next you will need a body exfoliator product, if you have one great use it if you don’t then buy some Radox bath salts or any kind of bath salts will do, the next thing you will need is some oil, massage oil or baby oil, you are probably going to only need 1 or 2 table spoons so if its something you don’t have, don’t be buying loads you can use a bath oil, and at a push olive oil, last thing you will need is a body moisturiser, now this may sound totally weird what I am going to say to you but bare with me its optional, if you have any Lavender in the garden, snip 4-8 sprigs of, about the length of your hand and rinse in cold water, to remove any dust or dirt, if you don’t have lavender you can use Eucalyptus or Rosemary

So here is what to do, if your having a bath start to run the bath, tip in some bath salts and the Lavender (don’t forget its optional) put on your body exfoliating gloves, stand on a bath towel and start by back brushing your skin, so for example the hairs on your legs grow down you brush against your hairs the opposite way, you can also rub in circular movements, but the key is to do one area at a time then move to the next, start with your ankles and work your way up repeat this action in each area 4 – 6 times, if your using dark gloves you will see your skin flaking off, pay particular attention to very dry areas like feet, knees and elbows, I would probably do your feet last, and I would not use this method on your face as it would probably be to rough, once you have back brushed the whole of your body and are happy to move on , keep your gloves on, on one glove pour some salts and a little oil, you can pre mix this prior if you wish, gently apply to the skin massaging it in brushing movements or a circular action, you also may need to remove a glove to do one hand and then repeat on the other hand.

Once you are happy you have scrubbed every area, check your bath water is ok and get in, maybe shake the excess scrub that has fallen onto the towel into the bath, at this stage I would still leave the gloves on and for the last time brush over the skin removing all the salts, take the gloves off and relax for at least 10 minutes or as long as you like a good soak, as you do squeeze the lavender or herbs against your skin and use as a little body scrubber / buffer then for the last time put the gloves back on and gently brush over the skin for the last time.

Once out of the bath dry your skin by dabbing not rubbing and apply your favourite body moisturiser.

Just make sure to be cautious if your have sensitive or sensitised skin, areas where are bruised be gently and avoid any cuts, avoid any products that have caused you problems in the past, and you may need someone to help you do your back, if you cant reach.

Ps don’t forget to clean the bath; I don’t want you getting into trouble.

Lisa xx


Winter Skin Care

You may have noticed some changes to your skin this time of year and this is quite normal.  There are many things that you will not have thought about like turning the central heating on causing your skin to become dryer and dehydrated, or  going out into the cold and wind, exposing your skin to cold harsh weather conditions, it is no wonder your skin it going to need a little extra help this time of year.  Its party season  so we can also blame festive nights out for for putting our skin through its paces, with a little over indulgence, our skin can react in various ways, however increasingly stressful lifestyles can contribute further to dry dehydrated skin in people of all ages.

Everybody’s skin is different, genetically and the products we use, what we expose our skin to can sometimes have a big impact on  how our skin looks and feels, breakouts can occur, but most commonly severe dehydration and dryness causing skin to become irritated itchy and inflamed, the worst areas can be cheeks and eyes as well as the whole of your body but the good news is you are not alone and there are things you can do  to improve the appearance and feel of your skin.

1/ Exfoliation – Exfoliating your skin regularly and removed dull dead skin cells  helps the products we use afterwards to penetrate the skin fully, My recommendation is Daily Microfoliant, the best exfoliaoer I have ever used, suitable for all skin types, you can use it twice a day, and even mix it in with your Dermalogica cleanser if your a bit short on time. It always gives great brightening results every time, use this for your face only.  To be honest also a good soak in a bubble bath with some body exfoliator and a body net scrub, wont go a miss, you never know when you may be needing to get those legs out! and  smother in a body lotion afterwards, how you look after your skin in the winter will effect how it looks come the spring.  DO NOT IGNORE!

2/ Moisturiser – Your skin can change and you may need a heavier moisturiser in the winter, don’t just presume your skin is the same all year round, everyone is different, if you feel your skin is starting to dry out a little then I would say don’t panic! Change your routine slightly using a heavier cream at night.

3/ Face masks – It has been scientifically proven that topically applied vitamins do improve the health of skin, vitamin A helps to inhibit collagen breakdown while stimulating collagen production for more plump looking skin, vitamin B5 aids in healing while vitamin E is an antioxidant that provides a barrier protection while smoothing skin, again make time for yourself in that bubble bath and lay back and relax with a face mask on.

4/ Lip Balm – No matter whether your lips are chapped or not wear lip balm all the time to protect them from wind, rain and cold, this will help keep them in tip top condition for those party nights, there is nothing worse then trying to apply red lippy to dry, chapped lips! * Try Dermalogica Climate control

I could go on but to be honest these are my 4 most important “Must do’s for your skin”  Stick to doing these and you will keep looking fabulous all over the festive period and through to the spring.  Do get a facial if you have time, do drink lots of water and fruity teas or plenty of fresh orange,  check out vitamins if you are feeling over tired and sluggish and take time to look at your skin and think how it feels, if you need to ask a question you can always email me to flutterbysalon@yahoo.co.uk or drop me a line on our Facebook page Flutterby Salon Southport

My recommended kit for you to try – Dermalogica dry Skin Kit

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My top 10 Skin care tips

Here are my top 10 skin care tips

Lisa Carlin – Beauty Salon owner and Skin care Specialist

Dermalogica trained and certified therapist, salon and retailer

Lisa FLutterby Salon

Lisa Flutterby

  1. Always start by washing your hands and use clean flannels and towels every time.
  2. Start by having 3 great product Cleanser / Exfoliator / Moisturiser. There is not much point using serums, eye and lip creams if you don’t get the basics right
  3. Always remove cleanser with a hot flannel or sponges, do not use wipes or remove cleanser with wet cotton pads, remember your ears! Don’t forget to clean them too.
  4. Rinse a clean flannel in water, fold in half and roll up into a sausage shape, wring water out, place in microwave for 20- 30 seconds and then you have a lovely steamed flannel to open pores use this to remove your cleanser.
  5. If having a shower or a bath always wash your face after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair this removes any residue product that may be left on the skin.
  6. Use a lip balm all year regardless of the weather conditions.
  7. Check shelf life and expiry dates on products, if its out of date chuck it, if it doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it give it away.
  8.  If you have night creams or moisturisers that are to rich for you or give you spots just use them on your neck area.
  9.  Remember to moisturise your neck, ears and back of your neck, these areas are more prone to sun damage and ageing and areas people forget to protect
  10. 10.  When applying moisturiser apply to the tips of your fingers only, dap on your face and just use fingers to blend, hands can be dry and will absorb a huge amount of product if you use your palms to rub in.

Make changes! Don’t just think about it!

One of the most common problem we have come across in January & February is neglect, we have all been so busy rushing around trying to make the festive period a success we have failed to look after ourselves. January is full of promises of new years resolutions but how many of us actually think looking after ourselves is important? we lead such busy lives rushing round after kids, husbands, wives, partners, parents and friends that we fail to see how important looking after ourselves is.

We look in the mirror first thing in the morning or last thing at night and think “Oh God! I look dreadful” but what are we actually doing about looking better? Dull drab dehydrated skin doesn’t just fix itself, simply wanting something enough wont make it happen, if you want nice skin then you have to spend some time looking after it and I am not talking hours here I am simply talking minutes.

Here are some changes you can make today

  • Ditch the face wipes! use a proper cleanser with a clean hot flannel to remove, don’t just splash it off
  • Drink more water, fruity teas or cordial
  • Incorporate a face scrub into your routine to remove all the dead skin and make your skin look fresh
  • face masks ~ this time of year we should be looking for a vitamin or rehydration mask
  • A heavier moisturiser may be required in the winter and use night creams to give your skin that extra boost it needs

Pamper yourself! take the time to have a hot bath use any products you have, even if its only 15 minutes will you miss that time out of your week?

Good luck, make changes! Don’t just think about it!

Lisa x

Dermalogica skin care therapist and retailer