A Home Body Exfoliation Guide

Body Exfoliation

Winter months are always dreadful for making our skin dry, we have the heating on more, we are sitting in front or roaring fires, then we are going out into opposing temperatures of freezing coldness, our skin in having to bear the brunt of these extremes and its not good.

I wanted to share with you a quick and easy body exfoliation method you can do at home to help you kick start getting your skin back into some sort of shape to get you feeling gorgeous and ready to tackle the New Year looking and feeling great.

So you may need to buy a few things but there is a good chance you may already have these lying about abandoned in the back of a cupboard in your bathroom.

The first thing you will need are body exfoliating gloves, these can be purchased from a cheep costcutter type shop, body care, boots etc, but don’t think if you spend more you will get better, its all in the method, next you will need a body exfoliator product, if you have one great use it if you don’t then buy some Radox bath salts or any kind of bath salts will do, the next thing you will need is some oil, massage oil or baby oil, you are probably going to only need 1 or 2 table spoons so if its something you don’t have, don’t be buying loads you can use a bath oil, and at a push olive oil, last thing you will need is a body moisturiser, now this may sound totally weird what I am going to say to you but bare with me its optional, if you have any Lavender in the garden, snip 4-8 sprigs of, about the length of your hand and rinse in cold water, to remove any dust or dirt, if you don’t have lavender you can use Eucalyptus or Rosemary

So here is what to do, if your having a bath start to run the bath, tip in some bath salts and the Lavender (don’t forget its optional) put on your body exfoliating gloves, stand on a bath towel and start by back brushing your skin, so for example the hairs on your legs grow down you brush against your hairs the opposite way, you can also rub in circular movements, but the key is to do one area at a time then move to the next, start with your ankles and work your way up repeat this action in each area 4 – 6 times, if your using dark gloves you will see your skin flaking off, pay particular attention to very dry areas like feet, knees and elbows, I would probably do your feet last, and I would not use this method on your face as it would probably be to rough, once you have back brushed the whole of your body and are happy to move on , keep your gloves on, on one glove pour some salts and a little oil, you can pre mix this prior if you wish, gently apply to the skin massaging it in brushing movements or a circular action, you also may need to remove a glove to do one hand and then repeat on the other hand.

Once you are happy you have scrubbed every area, check your bath water is ok and get in, maybe shake the excess scrub that has fallen onto the towel into the bath, at this stage I would still leave the gloves on and for the last time brush over the skin removing all the salts, take the gloves off and relax for at least 10 minutes or as long as you like a good soak, as you do squeeze the lavender or herbs against your skin and use as a little body scrubber / buffer then for the last time put the gloves back on and gently brush over the skin for the last time.

Once out of the bath dry your skin by dabbing not rubbing and apply your favourite body moisturiser.

Just make sure to be cautious if your have sensitive or sensitised skin, areas where are bruised be gently and avoid any cuts, avoid any products that have caused you problems in the past, and you may need someone to help you do your back, if you cant reach.

Ps don’t forget to clean the bath; I don’t want you getting into trouble.

Lisa xx


Ear piercing our most common asked question

Ear piercing our most common asked questions

The top question we get asked regarding ear piercing is “can you pierce both ears and once” and our reply will always be “no” and here is why.

Each set of earrings comes in a sterile pack with1 pair of earrings, 1 plastic disposable hook that fits on the gun, this holds the back of the earring in place and your ear sits in the middle when we align the piercing gun with your ear, and 1 plastic disposable holder that also fits into the gun that holds the front of the earring, if we pierce 2 ears at the same time we would have to open 2 packs, or use one that had been used before and we would absolutely not do this, and using 2 packs would be wasteful and more of a cost to you, plus we would have to have 2 qualified piercing therapists available at the same time, and as all our therapists are beauty trained but not all ear piercing trained this is not always possible being a very busy salon that we are.

The therapist always needs to stand in front of the client and not to the side and this would not be possible to do with 2 therapists piercing ears at the same time.

Why you should use us

  • Each Therapist holds a personal ear piercing qualification as well as the salon.
  • We will not compromise hygiene for speed.
  • You are not rushed we allow 30 minutes for your appointment and your therapist will not leave you to deal with other customers.
  • We use a designated treatment room or quiet area; we do not pierce in our salon window.

For most children getting their ears pierced is quite an exciting time and on some occasions they have often brought many family members, siblings and friends to watch but we would not recommend that this happens, 1 parent and 1 sibling or friend is enough because this then compromises the health and safety in our treatment rooms and can also be very distracting for our therapist, keeping it a small is often more relaxing for the child, and a child can often become anxious when there are many people watching.

With regards to piercing the same ear twice at the same time, we are also taught “not” to do this as it is considered bad practice and is a decision as a salon we have made, it is also not possible to come back a week later and have the other earring put in using the same set as this pack will no longer be sterile, we will however give you the unused earring, but we still charge the same price. When piercing the cartilage this can be more uncomfortable than piercing the lobe and can take longer than the lobe to heal. We also will not pierce 2 people using 1 pack of earrings as this may cross contaminate infection.

At Fluttery Salon we use Caflon Ear Piercing products, you can choose from a large selection of silver and gold plated studs, which are all hypoallergenic, there is a big variety of studs and stones to choose from.

You will be asked to fill in a registration form and a parent or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 16.

We also provide you with a set of after care advice instructions and a free bottle of after care solution, the after care advice is vital and must be followed to ensure you do not put yourself or a child in a position of infection.

We currently charge £18 which includes any set of earrings, an after care advice sheet and a bottle of after care solution.

Hope this answers any questions you may have, if you have any other questions I would love to hear from you.

Lisa x

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It’s all about the Brows

One of the most common questions we get asked is how often should I get my eyebrows waxed? Well my answer is everyone is different, we have clients who come in every week for a brow wax and others that prefer a little “tweeze” once a year! Personally I am in the monthly band but that’s only because it’s on my doorstep and when we have a little gap in someone’s busy day I like to squeeze myself in, I thought I would share with you some of the best tips to keeping your eye brows in great shape.

Firstly everybody’s hair grows at different speeds, I have clients who have “over plucked” plucked being a term detested by some therapists, “you pluck a chicken, you tweeze brows,” but I don’t mind the phrase plucked! And I have to say we don’t get clients walk in in asking if we “Tweeze brows” so yes if clients have over plucked in the past due to a particular fashion or just trying to match brows and taking to many out sometimes be warned they may not grow back the same, if at all, and worst of all in the same direction as before!
And worst still for the quick fix are clients who attempt to shave them, yes you heard me correctly I did say “shave” them.

So my first rule of thumb advice would be if you get your hair coloured regularly, get them waxed / shaped the day before or the day of your colour, personally being a forty something lady I get my colour done every 4 weeks as my hair grows quite quickly, this I would say is most common amongst our clients.

Those who are fair seem to be able to go a little longer say 5-7 weeks but this depends on your own personal look and if you like a defined brow.
A good brow shape really can make your face look defined and show off your eyes, I think you can spend less time doing your make up if your brows look good.

Having a wax does wonders for removing all the fine hairs you could never remove with tweezers, some like to tweeze in between wax appointments, but I personally don’t bother, again it’s personal choice.

Some therapists don’t wax above the brow but I do, I like that defined cleaner look, I think it was an old fashioned thing of the past when therapists didn’t, but don’t be afraid to check with your therapist first to make sure you get the look you want, again it’s your choice, I used to wonder why they didn’t?

Don’t underestimate the power of a brow tint!

The following is only my opinion of what I feel looks most natural or suits which hair colour but at the end of the day they are your brows to do with as you wish.

Blonde hair – brown tint, left on for a few minutes will be perfect for a natural light brown look, for someone who uses make up to a minimum, left for 5-10 minutes is perfect for someone who wears a little heavier make up and prefers a more defined brow, brown black or black for those who like a very dark sharp brow look.

Red heads – tend to only have brown brows kept to a natural look, maybe a little darker for those who wear heavy make up.

Brunettes – generally a medium brown to brown black tint is perfect.

Dark red / purple coloured hair – carries off black brows very well, needs a strong colour on brows to compete with colour on hair

Black hair – black tint.

Again the choice is yours, most therapists I would say have a good eye for a natural shaped brow and a tint colour that would suit you.

Being realistic also about what you want
If you have narrow and short brows and you want full on long wide brows it’s not happening, we only tint what hair you do have, while some clients do like their skin tinted to give the brow a fuller solid look this does not work well for everyone, and that tint will wear off the skin in 24-48 hours, the most common look is to have something that looks natural.

Being in the sun will fade the colour of your brows ever so slightly, and also if your brows are going grey it’s a tricky one for the amount of time required that the tint stays on, the longer it stays on the darker and more solid it will look, but to cover grey it will need to stay on 7-10 minutes, also the more coarse the hair the longer the tint needs to stay on.

I like my brows tinted brown black 50/50 mix but if I am going on a night out I like them black, I also get loads of compliments when they are black, people tend to notice them more.

So I think that pretty much covers the most frequent brows questions!

Don’t underestimate the power of your brows!


What is Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful Japanese healing method used to help reduce stress and aid relaxation, which is based on the therapist channeling energy to the client by means of touch. Reiki is a tool through which the therapist activates a channel of natural healing energy through their hands to the clients body to aid and restore physical and emotional wellbeing. By the “laying on of the therapists hands” an unseen “life force energy” flows through the therapist to the client, when your “life force energy” is low you are more likely to get sick or feel stressed and tired and quite commonly emotionally exhausted, if its high we are more capable of being happy and feeling healthy.

The word Reiki is made up from 2 Japanese words “Rei” which means “Gods wisdom or the higher power” and “Ki” which is “Life force energy” now this does not mean to say that you need to believe in a particular religion or faith to either give or receive Reiki all you need is an open mind to allow the energy to travel through you if you are the therapist or to receive Reiki if you are the client receiving the healing. Although Reiki energy from my own personal experience it is just a perfect way to channel that energy for those of us who enjoy a simply, natural and safe method of spiritual healing.

It is still important to remember to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others, Mikao Usui the founder of the Reiki system recommended that “one practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures.”

My own personal experience started while I used to enjoy a weekly meditation group when I lived abroad in Lanzarote, every week, I would meet with 5 or 6 ladies and enjoy a few hours of different types of meditation lead by a wonderful hostess who opened up her home and teachings to us all because she enjoyed it. I have since I was 18/19 always been interested in tarot cards, spiritual healers, mediums and crystal balls, but the meditation lead me to have this very different sensation in my hands a burning hot feeling where my palms felt on fire after discussing this with my fellow meditators one of them suggested Reiki may be a perfect tool to help me channel this energy, so off I set into the wonderful world of the internet to do some research and find someone who could help me on my journey.

And I did find that person Elaine Orrett a fabulous teacher who was perfect for me led me all the way from my Reiki 1 course in the depths of winter in an old mystical barn to Reiki 2 18 months later in the springtime, to finally my Reiki Masters some years later in the summer at her wonderful home. I always believe you will be lead to the right person when you need them, and I was.

So what happens and how does it feel to receive a Reiki treatment?

Well I will explain it may take some time. Firstly let me explain Reiki therapists may have all been taught a different way so there is not really a right or wrong way, each therapist may change or adapt things to how they feel is best for them or you for that matter, I always like to smudge a room before and after a treatment (this is using a dried out sage stick which is lit, then blown out gently it creates a wispy smoke effect that is used to cleanse the room of previous energy’s leaving the area) I know this is probably a really bad example but its like cleaning spare room before having your friend to stay, you just want it to feel nice for them so they will be relaxed and feel happy, I do feel you can sense an energy in the air, and with Reiki as a therapist we want that space to be somewhere that relaxation occurs easily and anxiety and tension are released without worry or fear.

The client is welcomed and after a short consultation the client would lie face up on a massage bed fully clothed, but removing shoes, I like to cover the client with a blanket, the client is invited to close their eyes, and I prefer to carry out the treatment with just music playing in the background, I like peace to connect and concentrate with the treatment, for me personally I like to start with a sweep of my hands about 4/5 inches above the body from head to toe so I can feel where there may be any obvious blockages, they I place crystals under the bed maybe on the bed and possibly on the client depending on my intuition and by where I am being guided, then step by step my hands are placed in a series of different hand positions around the head, shoulders, stomach, legs and feet, each position is usually held for around 5 minutes, but this can vary depending on the therapist and where they feel the Reiki is needed.

I sometimes may work with the aura depending again on intuition and sometimes I will beam Reiki from the corner of the room before I start the treatment, I may revisit a particular area I may feel needs more attention, it all depends. The best way I can describe to you how Reiki feels when giving a treatment is like when you open an oven door and you feel that energy of the heat, well it doesn’t feel that hot but for me that’s how the energy feels. As the treatment draws to a close, a final sweep over the body and a check that your chakras are spinning well and in a balanced manner, then again depending on how you have been taught, some therapists including myself like to do a little work on the aura and for the final time beam Reiki to the client, before bringing the client back to a state of awareness, a glass of water and a little time to get reground before the client leaves,

The Reiki experience can feel different when receiving from one client to another

most commonly some people drift off to sleep or a very deep level of consciousness similar to that of meditation where they may feel a floating sensation outside their bodies, others feel a release of fear, anxiety or negative feelings some clients experience a feeling of peace and wellbeing but overall the majority feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and a positive balanced feeling is restored at the end of the session. Lots of work is done on realigning chakras that are out of sync so all I would say to the client is concentrate on how your body is feeling during the treatment, be aware of any colours or thought that may enter your mind and try to relax, it is not uncommon to cry while receiving a treatment, it’s a great way to release negative fear and emotions, and perfectly natural.

A Reiki treatment can be very exhausting for the client and you would be often advised to drink lots of water and relax after the treatment, I would also recommend a warm bath maybe listening to peaceful music to clear your head of any unnecessary chatter, gather your thoughts and get a good nights sleep.

Wow well done for readying all that! If you have managed to get this far but you are struggling to still understand How this works, I have 2 examples of hands on healing that you will most likely have either had done to you, you have done to someone else or you have done to yourself, and more likely not by a Reiki practitioner, the first is a banging headache, the first thing you do is close your eyes and hold your head in your hands and ask for your headache to go, now I am not saying it will or in fact it does but it is your natural instinct to do this, and for many people a bit of relaxation and quiet time with your hands over your forehead or touching your neck often helps release the headache, the second is when a child falls over or has a bump, mum or dad will immediately put their hand over the area the child has hurt while reassuring them everything will be ok while sending them love, healing and kissing the child displaying a great sign of love and healing.

Nowadays we live in a fast paced world where we are expected to be superhuman and live a perfect life, with social media pressures we gaze through the window of what we think are other peoples perfect lives trying to compete with being the perfect parent, partner, employee etc but often the stresses of everyday life are just simply to much for us to cope with and we need to recharge our batteries and take some time out for ourselves to rebalance our soul, how can you look after others unless you can learn to look after yourself, some need more help than others, we all deal with life differently.

Don’t be scared to reach out open your soul and try something new  Lisa xx

Reiki Master photo


Whats good for Chapped lips?

This time of year a common problem is chapped lips!

I put a call out on my face book page and to a group of clients and asked what their favourites were, I have to admit I was quite surprised so many people recommended Vaseline, when I’ve used it in the past I found it far to greasy and it wore off far to quickly and didn’t really do anything for my chapped lips, but not everything will suit everybody, if it did there would be no need for the vast array that we have on offer today, so if you do like something and it works for you I would always say stick with it.

I do have 3 favourites of my own number 1 being Dermalogica Climate control, it just feels so beautiful like silk on my lips and the first hint of dryness its in my pocket and I carry it round with me all day, usually its in the depths of my handbag at all times!

Number 2 and 3 are on equal par and if I am out and I need to buy one then pound land for chap stick original or Primark for Carmex, both have a medicinal kind of smell which makes me feel like I am being healed! Chapstick can feel a little on the greasy side and Carmex on the oily side,  but they do the job and actually work and heal those chapped lips, If I had to choose one over the other it would be Carmex, I am quite addicted to the tingley feel it gives you.

I find it quite odd that some people just are not affected my chapped lips like my husband, he never has the need for a lip balm yet if he sees me with mine he will say “ooo lets have some then!” I don’t know why? Do men see this as a luxury item? Yet my son on the other hand always has chapped lips and will use anything hes not fussy, they usually end up being left in his pocket and being washed in the washing machine.

Lip balms can vary in price from the pound land chap stick, yes it’s a £1 but if you go to boots or another pharmacy you can double that price at least for the same product, Dermalogica Climate control retails currently at £8.50, Carmex retails around £2.50 but comes in all shapes and sizes, tubs, jars, tubes and sticks they even have great products for cold sores.

I haven’t tried it myself but Burts Bees products start around £4+ and I have seen them in M&S and Boots with some lovely Christmas gift sets available. A few ladies mentioned Forever Living again not one I am familiar with but reasonable at around £3, I have used some forever products in the past and would love to try this one in the future too. EOS again never heard of this but I am quite taken in by the packaging and want to try it just because it looks cute, this will defiantly be going on my Christmas list.

So you see lots to choose from some I have never heard of others I have but maybe I just haven’t been swayed by packaging, price or recommendation. The choice is up to you.

Below are some suggestions from my clients, thank you to all my lovely Ladies who commented.
Thank you Lisa x

Liz – I use Forever Living Aloe Lips is gorgeous, lasts for ages, and is so versatile to keep one in ur hand bag it’s like first aid in a stick as it can be used on spots, burns cuts.

Jessica – Blistex MedPlus is the only lip balm I bother with since I discovered it. It’s near miraculous

Francesca-  I use the little Vaseline tins all year round, as my lips are always dry. I find the ‘lipstick’ type ones are too dry for me x

Heather – Nivea Lip Butter and all Next Balms! I use them all year round and especially at night. X

Gina – I know it’s not lip balm but clinique chubby sticks there so moisturising but have a colour to them as well

Georgina – Good old Nivea moisturiser x

Ellie – Elizabeth Arden I’m obsessed with it!

Helen – Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! Amazing stuff! Xx

Helen – Carmex is great x

Hazel – the little Vaseline tins. X

Danielle – Carmex

Jo – I swear by Burts Bees beeswax lip balm. 100% natural..it’s fab! X

Elizabeth – I also buy Forever Living Aloe Lips, its really good stuff! X

Karen – Softlips is the best ever! Also Avon lip conditioner

Kim – Burts Bees Lip Balm is great x

Liz R – Arden nothing like it

Mari – Burts bees x

Penny – The Vaseline tin x

Abi – Carmex – the original little pot of balm. Does the trick even if you’re outside for hours

Olivia – My favourite too, the only lip balm I finish before I loose it!! Vaseline original is good too, not the little tins the original tub x

Becky – I love Skin Shop Licorice lip balm perfect for those of us affected by cold sores…helps to heal faster and seems to lessen the re-occurances of the virus. Hope this helps xxx

Liz – Old fashioned….but Lypsyl Original really is THE best product for chapped lips. I swear by it. I find some lip balms actually give me chapped lips or slide off in seconds after applying x

Lesley – Lypsyl

Joanne – I’ve only just discovered eos ready good xx

Amber – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour – use it for all sorts especially my lips in this awful weather! X

Want to know how many make up brushes people have?

I asked a question on my Facebook Page about make up brushes
“Really need to know how you store your make up brushes? in a pot? in your make up bag, how many you have / use regularly etc thanks x”

I was quite amazed at the response, I personally use 1 for Pressing powder over foundation, I have had it so long I can’t remember where I got it from another for blusher which is a mac brush, 1 double ended brush for eye shadow again no idea where from, and others I have found along the way, they are cleaned once a week then flung in my make up box! Anyway below are the results hope you enjoy reading, please feel free to comment in the box below all about your brushes.
Lisa x

Sharon – I have a expensive pro set in a roll, clean them regularly. In my make up bag, have a New one I bought at Elson CosmeticClinic when I was in Southport it’s in its own case, also a push up lip brush, and a Japanese eyeliner brush which is fab. Wash them all in dishwasher on glass wash every couple of weeks. Hope that helps Donna Marie One blusher brush, never washed it the rest I use the little brushes on the end of my hand. keep saying I’m going to book myself in for a makeover but with five kids, two horses and three dogs there doesn’t seem much point

Lisa – Drawer in the bathroom with all my makeup. I’ve got about 10 brushes, Ruby & Millie ones!

Jayne – I have a large blusher brush and a small eyebrow brush, which probably get washed once in a blue moon! I use cotton buds to put on eye shadow then throw them away. The brushes get stored in my make up bag and are used daily.

Nicola – I don’t use a brush at all, just my fingers! You can probably tell from looking at me!

Sarah – I use mac & benefit brushes and I clean them regularly with shampoo and then leave them to dry on the radiator. I store mine in a box x

Catherine – Have two brushes, one for blusher and other eye shadow both just get thrown in my morning box!!! It called that cos it the only time it get used!!! Need to get out more!

Zoe – In my makeup bag!

Rebecca – In my make up box on dressing table and was once in a while x

Rachel – I’ve got one and it’s in my going out bag and it’s only an eye shadow with smudge brush xx

Sandra – About 12 brushes kept in make up drawer! Use blusher, eye shadow & brow brushes everyday. Eyeliner brush & foundation brush less frequently! Love a nice natural hair brush!!!!

Maralyn – Oh dear me I must have about fifty. When I go away I wash a whole load, or buy new, or use new ones, which I have never used.
I love the brush that comes with the NAKED EYE SHADOWS.
I do throw some out if they are really bad and the bristles become loose… Or other are clean and I can use for my craft projects!
Sophie – I have them in my make up bag, I have 3 one big for all over face a smaller one for blusher and one tiny for eyes! Not changed often enough I need new ones. I would love good ones

Gemma – I have one blusher brush just thrown in my bag x

Jayne – Foundation, concealer and blusher -All kept in my make up bag and washed every 2 weeks – brushes and bag xx

Becky – I have some in my make up drawer also a special bag that’s only for brushes. I am probably well overdue a renewal tbh xxx

Viv – I use a kabuki brush, a foundation brush, a blusher brush and an eye shadow brush. They are from Tropic Pure Plant Beauty and I wash them with Carex about once a month before drying on a tissue on a radiator shelf.

Charlotte – Okay so I have about 30 brushes that I use regularly. I keep them in clear acrylic pots but have a brush clutch for when I go away. I wash them every other day, but sanitise them after every use. I have a few more that I use for specific looks but these are my dressing table regulars

Nicola – I keep them in my makeup bag, and use 3 regularly (eye shadow, bronzer and brow) and I have a few more that I rarely use in another makeup bag.

Natalie – I’ve got a large bronzer brush, a smaller blusher brush and two everyday eye shadow brushes. They all live in my make up drawer and don’t get washed as often as they should.

Karen – I have a wicker basket with all my make up and brushes in think ive had my blusher brush about 12 yrs lol

Jane – My kabuki brush and eye shadow applicator live in my normal make up bag, but my other brushes live in my massive make up kit that I only break out for special nights out.

Jade – I have loads of brushes, some in make up bag and some in a pot, wash my ‘daily’ brushes every Sunday, and my ‘special’ brushes as and when used. Not sure if washing them correctly or drying them right!

Alison – On my dressing table. Don’t do anything with them and don’t renew! Prob got loads of bacteria in them!!

Cheryl – I have two brushes, one for bigger one for bronzer and a smaller for blusher. Both stored in my make up bag x

Jessica – I have one brush for my powder, which rarely gets used and when freed from the grasps of my two year old it is in my make up bag x

Kylie – I have one brush for blusher I use most days, it’s just thrown in my makeup bag lol x

Lesley – Store my 2 in my bathroom cabinet x

Niki – In my make up bag, never wash , never change and I have about 4 – I’m crap with make up !

Francesca – In one of my make up bags, not washed often enough 

I thought I would add 2 photos of my make-up obsessed daughters brushes after she cleaned them this week! 


Choosing a nail colour

Choosing a nail colour, how hard can it be?

One of the biggest questions we have in the salon is when clients are choose a nail colour, they simply dont know what to choose, this may seem like a big deal for some but for others adventurous enough to try colour, they can often be sat there for such a long time tooing and frowing between shaded of reds, pastels or just French.

So my advice to those who are unsure is based on a few factors

1/ What colour do you wear a lot of?

Look at your wardrobe do you buy lots of one particular colour? If your wardrobe is full of pink clothes your highly unlikely to be picking a green colour polish, if you wear a lot of black think about your accessories or maybe choose a colour to match a scarf or bag.

2/ What colour makes you safe and happy?

We all have a safe or happy colour, sometimes its not obvious, but when you first start to look you may need to dig a little deeper round, to see what colours you like in our own home, it maybe a favourite flower or a particular jewellery accessory.

3/ Your skin tone.

Having darker skin lends well to darker and more bolder colours, pale skin tones play it safe with nude colours, pinks and French.

4/ Your hair colour

Your hair colour plays a big part, blondes tend to lean towards classic red colours or French, Brunettes like to play it bold with blues, greens and something unusual, reds tend to sway towards pastels, browns, bronzes and nudes.

5/ Going to an event and want to colour coordinate?

Having an event to attend often can cause weeks if not months of thought about what nail colour to have? But you don’t always have to match exactly, if you are wearing a Pink dress for a wedding but would not dream of wearing pink polish on your fingers then think about matching with Nude shoes, bags or accessories, or just play it safe with good old French which matches everything

6/ Whats in fashion / Seasonality? Christmas its fair to say us nail technicians are covered head to toe in red glitter the week prior to the festive season, its like its some unwritten law choose red, or any variation or red or gold glitter! Spring sees lots of pastels colours with the odd client wanting to mix it up with lots of variations all at once! Summer we say hello to coral, oranges, bright glitters and bright neon pinks. Once the summer holidays are over and the dark nights start to draw in the winter reds, burnt crimson and autumnal colours arrive as the leaves fall from the trees.

But whatever you choose your only 2 or 3 weeks away from making another choice, so choose what makes you happy, try to get into your head a group of colours you have in mind prior to your nail appointment, so if you know you want a red, only look at red choices, sometimes there is just so much choice we get confused thinking we should have something different, but have whatever you like.

So you see we have so many choices to make, good luck with yours!

Lisa x