About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!

I am Lisa and I am a Beautician, I have a Beauty salon on Lord Street, Southport called Flutterby Salon, where me and my team of 7 girls spend our days making you feel good on the inside as well as looking good on the outside!

After living abroad in Lanzarote for 16 years I returned to the UK in 2011 settling in the seaside resort of Southport with my husband and 2 children 1 cat and 4 chickens.

In my job I get asked so many questions usually the same, over and over every day, so my aim with my blog is to answer as many questions as I can, if you have a question drop me a line, if  I don’t have the answer I will try to find someone who does.  I decided to write a blog about my thoughts and ramblings for my clients, so they have a place to go to see what other clients are asking, so who knows what your going to find on here!

I also love trying out new products and treatments so if there is something you would like me to review for you drop me a line.

I love all things Pink.

I love comedy.

I love cake.

I love coffee (a bit to much)

I love going on holiday to new places

I love things that smell clean and fresh.

I love all things Apple.

Hope you enjoy reading my Blog.

Lisa x

Lisa FLutterby Salon

Lisa “Flutterby” Carlin


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