It’s all about the Brows

One of the most common questions we get asked is how often should I get my eyebrows waxed? Well my answer is everyone is different, we have clients who come in every week for a brow wax and others that prefer a little “tweeze” once a year! Personally I am in the monthly band but that’s only because it’s on my doorstep and when we have a little gap in someone’s busy day I like to squeeze myself in, I thought I would share with you some of the best tips to keeping your eye brows in great shape.

Firstly everybody’s hair grows at different speeds, I have clients who have “over plucked” plucked being a term detested by some therapists, “you pluck a chicken, you tweeze brows,” but I don’t mind the phrase plucked! And I have to say we don’t get clients walk in in asking if we “Tweeze brows” so yes if clients have over plucked in the past due to a particular fashion or just trying to match brows and taking to many out sometimes be warned they may not grow back the same, if at all, and worst of all in the same direction as before!
And worst still for the quick fix are clients who attempt to shave them, yes you heard me correctly I did say “shave” them.

So my first rule of thumb advice would be if you get your hair coloured regularly, get them waxed / shaped the day before or the day of your colour, personally being a forty something lady I get my colour done every 4 weeks as my hair grows quite quickly, this I would say is most common amongst our clients.

Those who are fair seem to be able to go a little longer say 5-7 weeks but this depends on your own personal look and if you like a defined brow.
A good brow shape really can make your face look defined and show off your eyes, I think you can spend less time doing your make up if your brows look good.

Having a wax does wonders for removing all the fine hairs you could never remove with tweezers, some like to tweeze in between wax appointments, but I personally don’t bother, again it’s personal choice.

Some therapists don’t wax above the brow but I do, I like that defined cleaner look, I think it was an old fashioned thing of the past when therapists didn’t, but don’t be afraid to check with your therapist first to make sure you get the look you want, again it’s your choice, I used to wonder why they didn’t?

Don’t underestimate the power of a brow tint!

The following is only my opinion of what I feel looks most natural or suits which hair colour but at the end of the day they are your brows to do with as you wish.

Blonde hair – brown tint, left on for a few minutes will be perfect for a natural light brown look, for someone who uses make up to a minimum, left for 5-10 minutes is perfect for someone who wears a little heavier make up and prefers a more defined brow, brown black or black for those who like a very dark sharp brow look.

Red heads – tend to only have brown brows kept to a natural look, maybe a little darker for those who wear heavy make up.

Brunettes – generally a medium brown to brown black tint is perfect.

Dark red / purple coloured hair – carries off black brows very well, needs a strong colour on brows to compete with colour on hair

Black hair – black tint.

Again the choice is yours, most therapists I would say have a good eye for a natural shaped brow and a tint colour that would suit you.

Being realistic also about what you want
If you have narrow and short brows and you want full on long wide brows it’s not happening, we only tint what hair you do have, while some clients do like their skin tinted to give the brow a fuller solid look this does not work well for everyone, and that tint will wear off the skin in 24-48 hours, the most common look is to have something that looks natural.

Being in the sun will fade the colour of your brows ever so slightly, and also if your brows are going grey it’s a tricky one for the amount of time required that the tint stays on, the longer it stays on the darker and more solid it will look, but to cover grey it will need to stay on 7-10 minutes, also the more coarse the hair the longer the tint needs to stay on.

I like my brows tinted brown black 50/50 mix but if I am going on a night out I like them black, I also get loads of compliments when they are black, people tend to notice them more.

So I think that pretty much covers the most frequent brows questions!

Don’t underestimate the power of your brows!



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