What is Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful Japanese healing method used to help reduce stress and aid relaxation, which is based on the therapist channeling energy to the client by means of touch. Reiki is a tool through which the therapist activates a channel of natural healing energy through their hands to the clients body to aid and restore physical and emotional wellbeing. By the “laying on of the therapists hands” an unseen “life force energy” flows through the therapist to the client, when your “life force energy” is low you are more likely to get sick or feel stressed and tired and quite commonly emotionally exhausted, if its high we are more capable of being happy and feeling healthy.

The word Reiki is made up from 2 Japanese words “Rei” which means “Gods wisdom or the higher power” and “Ki” which is “Life force energy” now this does not mean to say that you need to believe in a particular religion or faith to either give or receive Reiki all you need is an open mind to allow the energy to travel through you if you are the therapist or to receive Reiki if you are the client receiving the healing. Although Reiki energy from my own personal experience it is just a perfect way to channel that energy for those of us who enjoy a simply, natural and safe method of spiritual healing.

It is still important to remember to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others, Mikao Usui the founder of the Reiki system recommended that “one practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures.”

My own personal experience started while I used to enjoy a weekly meditation group when I lived abroad in Lanzarote, every week, I would meet with 5 or 6 ladies and enjoy a few hours of different types of meditation lead by a wonderful hostess who opened up her home and teachings to us all because she enjoyed it. I have since I was 18/19 always been interested in tarot cards, spiritual healers, mediums and crystal balls, but the meditation lead me to have this very different sensation in my hands a burning hot feeling where my palms felt on fire after discussing this with my fellow meditators one of them suggested Reiki may be a perfect tool to help me channel this energy, so off I set into the wonderful world of the internet to do some research and find someone who could help me on my journey.

And I did find that person Elaine Orrett a fabulous teacher who was perfect for me led me all the way from my Reiki 1 course in the depths of winter in an old mystical barn to Reiki 2 18 months later in the springtime, to finally my Reiki Masters some years later in the summer at her wonderful home. I always believe you will be lead to the right person when you need them, and I was.

So what happens and how does it feel to receive a Reiki treatment?

Well I will explain it may take some time. Firstly let me explain Reiki therapists may have all been taught a different way so there is not really a right or wrong way, each therapist may change or adapt things to how they feel is best for them or you for that matter, I always like to smudge a room before and after a treatment (this is using a dried out sage stick which is lit, then blown out gently it creates a wispy smoke effect that is used to cleanse the room of previous energy’s leaving the area) I know this is probably a really bad example but its like cleaning spare room before having your friend to stay, you just want it to feel nice for them so they will be relaxed and feel happy, I do feel you can sense an energy in the air, and with Reiki as a therapist we want that space to be somewhere that relaxation occurs easily and anxiety and tension are released without worry or fear.

The client is welcomed and after a short consultation the client would lie face up on a massage bed fully clothed, but removing shoes, I like to cover the client with a blanket, the client is invited to close their eyes, and I prefer to carry out the treatment with just music playing in the background, I like peace to connect and concentrate with the treatment, for me personally I like to start with a sweep of my hands about 4/5 inches above the body from head to toe so I can feel where there may be any obvious blockages, they I place crystals under the bed maybe on the bed and possibly on the client depending on my intuition and by where I am being guided, then step by step my hands are placed in a series of different hand positions around the head, shoulders, stomach, legs and feet, each position is usually held for around 5 minutes, but this can vary depending on the therapist and where they feel the Reiki is needed.

I sometimes may work with the aura depending again on intuition and sometimes I will beam Reiki from the corner of the room before I start the treatment, I may revisit a particular area I may feel needs more attention, it all depends. The best way I can describe to you how Reiki feels when giving a treatment is like when you open an oven door and you feel that energy of the heat, well it doesn’t feel that hot but for me that’s how the energy feels. As the treatment draws to a close, a final sweep over the body and a check that your chakras are spinning well and in a balanced manner, then again depending on how you have been taught, some therapists including myself like to do a little work on the aura and for the final time beam Reiki to the client, before bringing the client back to a state of awareness, a glass of water and a little time to get reground before the client leaves,

The Reiki experience can feel different when receiving from one client to another

most commonly some people drift off to sleep or a very deep level of consciousness similar to that of meditation where they may feel a floating sensation outside their bodies, others feel a release of fear, anxiety or negative feelings some clients experience a feeling of peace and wellbeing but overall the majority feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and a positive balanced feeling is restored at the end of the session. Lots of work is done on realigning chakras that are out of sync so all I would say to the client is concentrate on how your body is feeling during the treatment, be aware of any colours or thought that may enter your mind and try to relax, it is not uncommon to cry while receiving a treatment, it’s a great way to release negative fear and emotions, and perfectly natural.

A Reiki treatment can be very exhausting for the client and you would be often advised to drink lots of water and relax after the treatment, I would also recommend a warm bath maybe listening to peaceful music to clear your head of any unnecessary chatter, gather your thoughts and get a good nights sleep.

Wow well done for readying all that! If you have managed to get this far but you are struggling to still understand How this works, I have 2 examples of hands on healing that you will most likely have either had done to you, you have done to someone else or you have done to yourself, and more likely not by a Reiki practitioner, the first is a banging headache, the first thing you do is close your eyes and hold your head in your hands and ask for your headache to go, now I am not saying it will or in fact it does but it is your natural instinct to do this, and for many people a bit of relaxation and quiet time with your hands over your forehead or touching your neck often helps release the headache, the second is when a child falls over or has a bump, mum or dad will immediately put their hand over the area the child has hurt while reassuring them everything will be ok while sending them love, healing and kissing the child displaying a great sign of love and healing.

Nowadays we live in a fast paced world where we are expected to be superhuman and live a perfect life, with social media pressures we gaze through the window of what we think are other peoples perfect lives trying to compete with being the perfect parent, partner, employee etc but often the stresses of everyday life are just simply to much for us to cope with and we need to recharge our batteries and take some time out for ourselves to rebalance our soul, how can you look after others unless you can learn to look after yourself, some need more help than others, we all deal with life differently.

Don’t be scared to reach out open your soul and try something new  Lisa xx

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