Whats good for Chapped lips?

This time of year a common problem is chapped lips!

I put a call out on my face book page and to a group of clients and asked what their favourites were, I have to admit I was quite surprised so many people recommended Vaseline, when I’ve used it in the past I found it far to greasy and it wore off far to quickly and didn’t really do anything for my chapped lips, but not everything will suit everybody, if it did there would be no need for the vast array that we have on offer today, so if you do like something and it works for you I would always say stick with it.

I do have 3 favourites of my own number 1 being Dermalogica Climate control, it just feels so beautiful like silk on my lips and the first hint of dryness its in my pocket and I carry it round with me all day, usually its in the depths of my handbag at all times!

Number 2 and 3 are on equal par and if I am out and I need to buy one then pound land for chap stick original or Primark for Carmex, both have a medicinal kind of smell which makes me feel like I am being healed! Chapstick can feel a little on the greasy side and Carmex on the oily side,  but they do the job and actually work and heal those chapped lips, If I had to choose one over the other it would be Carmex, I am quite addicted to the tingley feel it gives you.

I find it quite odd that some people just are not affected my chapped lips like my husband, he never has the need for a lip balm yet if he sees me with mine he will say “ooo lets have some then!” I don’t know why? Do men see this as a luxury item? Yet my son on the other hand always has chapped lips and will use anything hes not fussy, they usually end up being left in his pocket and being washed in the washing machine.

Lip balms can vary in price from the pound land chap stick, yes it’s a £1 but if you go to boots or another pharmacy you can double that price at least for the same product, Dermalogica Climate control retails currently at £8.50, Carmex retails around £2.50 but comes in all shapes and sizes, tubs, jars, tubes and sticks they even have great products for cold sores.

I haven’t tried it myself but Burts Bees products start around £4+ and I have seen them in M&S and Boots with some lovely Christmas gift sets available. A few ladies mentioned Forever Living again not one I am familiar with but reasonable at around £3, I have used some forever products in the past and would love to try this one in the future too. EOS again never heard of this but I am quite taken in by the packaging and want to try it just because it looks cute, this will defiantly be going on my Christmas list.

So you see lots to choose from some I have never heard of others I have but maybe I just haven’t been swayed by packaging, price or recommendation. The choice is up to you.

Below are some suggestions from my clients, thank you to all my lovely Ladies who commented.
Thank you Lisa x

Liz – I use Forever Living Aloe Lips is gorgeous, lasts for ages, and is so versatile to keep one in ur hand bag it’s like first aid in a stick as it can be used on spots, burns cuts.

Jessica – Blistex MedPlus is the only lip balm I bother with since I discovered it. It’s near miraculous

Francesca-  I use the little Vaseline tins all year round, as my lips are always dry. I find the ‘lipstick’ type ones are too dry for me x

Heather – Nivea Lip Butter and all Next Balms! I use them all year round and especially at night. X

Gina – I know it’s not lip balm but clinique chubby sticks there so moisturising but have a colour to them as well

Georgina – Good old Nivea moisturiser x

Ellie – Elizabeth Arden I’m obsessed with it!

Helen – Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! Amazing stuff! Xx

Helen – Carmex is great x

Hazel – the little Vaseline tins. X

Danielle – Carmex

Jo – I swear by Burts Bees beeswax lip balm. 100% natural..it’s fab! X

Elizabeth – I also buy Forever Living Aloe Lips, its really good stuff! X

Karen – Softlips is the best ever! Also Avon lip conditioner

Kim – Burts Bees Lip Balm is great x

Liz R – Arden nothing like it

Mari – Burts bees x

Penny – The Vaseline tin x

Abi – Carmex – the original little pot of balm. Does the trick even if you’re outside for hours

Olivia – My favourite too, the only lip balm I finish before I loose it!! Vaseline original is good too, not the little tins the original tub x

Becky – I love Skin Shop Licorice lip balm perfect for those of us affected by cold sores…helps to heal faster and seems to lessen the re-occurances of the virus. Hope this helps xxx

Liz – Old fashioned….but Lypsyl Original really is THE best product for chapped lips. I swear by it. I find some lip balms actually give me chapped lips or slide off in seconds after applying x

Lesley – Lypsyl

Joanne – I’ve only just discovered eos ready good xx

Amber – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour – use it for all sorts especially my lips in this awful weather! X


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