Want to know how many make up brushes people have?

I asked a question on my Facebook Page about make up brushes
“Really need to know how you store your make up brushes? in a pot? in your make up bag, how many you have / use regularly etc thanks x”

I was quite amazed at the response, I personally use 1 for Pressing powder over foundation, I have had it so long I can’t remember where I got it from another for blusher which is a mac brush, 1 double ended brush for eye shadow again no idea where from, and others I have found along the way, they are cleaned once a week then flung in my make up box! Anyway below are the results hope you enjoy reading, please feel free to comment in the box below all about your brushes.
Lisa x

Sharon – I have a expensive pro set in a roll, clean them regularly. In my make up bag, have a New one I bought at Elson CosmeticClinic when I was in Southport it’s in its own case, also a push up lip brush, and a Japanese eyeliner brush which is fab. Wash them all in dishwasher on glass wash every couple of weeks. Hope that helps Donna Marie One blusher brush, never washed it the rest I use the little brushes on the end of my hand. keep saying I’m going to book myself in for a makeover but with five kids, two horses and three dogs there doesn’t seem much point

Lisa – Drawer in the bathroom with all my makeup. I’ve got about 10 brushes, Ruby & Millie ones!

Jayne – I have a large blusher brush and a small eyebrow brush, which probably get washed once in a blue moon! I use cotton buds to put on eye shadow then throw them away. The brushes get stored in my make up bag and are used daily.

Nicola – I don’t use a brush at all, just my fingers! You can probably tell from looking at me!

Sarah – I use mac & benefit brushes and I clean them regularly with shampoo and then leave them to dry on the radiator. I store mine in a box x

Catherine – Have two brushes, one for blusher and other eye shadow both just get thrown in my morning box!!! It called that cos it the only time it get used!!! Need to get out more!

Zoe – In my makeup bag!

Rebecca – In my make up box on dressing table and was once in a while x

Rachel – I’ve got one and it’s in my going out bag and it’s only an eye shadow with smudge brush xx

Sandra – About 12 brushes kept in make up drawer! Use blusher, eye shadow & brow brushes everyday. Eyeliner brush & foundation brush less frequently! Love a nice natural hair brush!!!!

Maralyn – Oh dear me I must have about fifty. When I go away I wash a whole load, or buy new, or use new ones, which I have never used.
I love the brush that comes with the NAKED EYE SHADOWS.
I do throw some out if they are really bad and the bristles become loose… Or other are clean and I can use for my craft projects!
Sophie – I have them in my make up bag, I have 3 one big for all over face a smaller one for blusher and one tiny for eyes! Not changed often enough I need new ones. I would love good ones

Gemma – I have one blusher brush just thrown in my bag x

Jayne – Foundation, concealer and blusher -All kept in my make up bag and washed every 2 weeks – brushes and bag xx

Becky – I have some in my make up drawer also a special bag that’s only for brushes. I am probably well overdue a renewal tbh xxx

Viv – I use a kabuki brush, a foundation brush, a blusher brush and an eye shadow brush. They are from Tropic Pure Plant Beauty and I wash them with Carex about once a month before drying on a tissue on a radiator shelf.

Charlotte – Okay so I have about 30 brushes that I use regularly. I keep them in clear acrylic pots but have a brush clutch for when I go away. I wash them every other day, but sanitise them after every use. I have a few more that I use for specific looks but these are my dressing table regulars

Nicola – I keep them in my makeup bag, and use 3 regularly (eye shadow, bronzer and brow) and I have a few more that I rarely use in another makeup bag.

Natalie – I’ve got a large bronzer brush, a smaller blusher brush and two everyday eye shadow brushes. They all live in my make up drawer and don’t get washed as often as they should.

Karen – I have a wicker basket with all my make up and brushes in think ive had my blusher brush about 12 yrs lol

Jane – My kabuki brush and eye shadow applicator live in my normal make up bag, but my other brushes live in my massive make up kit that I only break out for special nights out.

Jade – I have loads of brushes, some in make up bag and some in a pot, wash my ‘daily’ brushes every Sunday, and my ‘special’ brushes as and when used. Not sure if washing them correctly or drying them right!

Alison – On my dressing table. Don’t do anything with them and don’t renew! Prob got loads of bacteria in them!!

Cheryl – I have two brushes, one for bigger one for bronzer and a smaller for blusher. Both stored in my make up bag x

Jessica – I have one brush for my powder, which rarely gets used and when freed from the grasps of my two year old it is in my make up bag x

Kylie – I have one brush for blusher I use most days, it’s just thrown in my makeup bag lol x

Lesley – Store my 2 in my bathroom cabinet x

Niki – In my make up bag, never wash , never change and I have about 4 – I’m crap with make up !

Francesca – In one of my make up bags, not washed often enough 

I thought I would add 2 photos of my make-up obsessed daughters brushes after she cleaned them this week! 



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