Mascara Unhappiness

Mascara Unhappyness!

This morning I wrote a post on my Facebook page about Mascara as I seem to be buying a new mascara every month, because I genuinely can not find one I am happy with. As I type I can hear an advert on the TV for a maybelline mascara! I am constantly fed up of seeing misleading adverts for mascara with the model having enhanced lash extensions.

This week Benefit recently came out as the number 1 mascara in a recent poll but I found this the worse one! at nearly £20 all I was left with was clumpy lashes and practically impossible to remove so I eagerly awaited any responses. Below is a vast range of recommendations and some to avoid. Hope you enjoy to read.

So in my search for the perfect mascara here is what I wrote.

“Ok so genuinely all I am seeing at the moment is Mascara unhappyness, Everywhere I look people seem to be asking what’s your favourite mascara, I must have about 12 mascaras on the go and I am not happy with any of them, Ive tried MAC, Benefit, channel, every Max Factor one, cheep ones, expensive ones! so are you genuinely Happy with your mascara?
just tell us below what you use and why you like it.Thanks x”


The only mascara I’ve worn since I was 15 is max factor calorie 2000 in black and everyone comments on my lashes, I’ve tried every mascara out there and nothing matches it. I love it. – Catherine

• I love Lancôme hypnosis mascara n I’ve tried a few. – Paula

• I have very deep set eyes and try as I might, I’ve never found one that doesnt leave smudges under my eyes by the end of the night..I think its the oil in my skin? But I might try the L’Oreal one. – Jayne

• Soap and Glory Thick and Fast for every day and L’Oreal Double Extension Waterproof for nights out. I wore the L’Oreal one on my wedding day and it did not budge despite tears and heat and everything – the only reason I don’t wear it all the time is that it seriously doesn’t budge, I was still wearing the same mascara on my honeymoon 4 days later! – Jane

• I’ve also used loads of mascaras ranging from cheap to expensive but my favorite which I’ve used for years is Avon supershock. It’s usually only £5. – Emma

• I use Avon ones I use the spectra lash has 3 different settings on it. – Rachel

• I’ve tried loads but the best I’ve found is Dior iconic over curl its so good I tried others but nothing measures up to it. – Joanne

• Always used rimmel since I was a teen, once you find one that suits you it’s hard to beat
. – Abbi

• Soap & Glory. – Corinne

• I use YSL faux lash effect about £20 but worth it
. – Niki

• I get mine from the internet, from America. Jordana best lash extreme. It’s brilliant and it’s only about 3 pounds. – Emily

• Body shop. -Vic

• I wear strip lashes!! I use soap and glory mascara on my bottom lashes and use it over my strip lashes. It make my bottom lashes look long and doesn’t clump. – Michelle

• Clineque lash power long wearing formula that defines even the smallest lash stands out from the crowd for me no others I’ve tried over the years looks as good without any clogging going on. – Angela

• Iv tried most of the above. All no good, just bought mascara from next they have a make up range I heard was good!!! Oh worse mascara Iv ever used!! £9. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price , it’s not a bargain as it’s awful. I’m now left with another wasted tube of mascara!!!

• I have used Dior in the past but I prefer Soap and Glory, it’s as dark and slightly less clumpy and it costs half as much! – Jane

• Mac Haute and Naughty! By far the best I’ve tried. Rosie

• I use No 7 lash impact which you can build it up without it clumping or good old faithful max factor calorie 2000. – Cheryl

• Clarins – violet and soap and glory
. – Katherine

• Bobby Brown. – Vicky

• The benefit one smudges badly as I have long lashes. I like volume million by l’oreal but you have to use it for about a week before it reaches it’s best…….think the plastic brush needs to soften! – Amy

• Soap and glory or any Maybelline – cheap and good!! – Heather

• Clinique eyelash extension – does what it says and very night on the eyes not too heavy!

• Boots no 7
. – Margaret

• Estee lauder more than mascara brilliant. Kim

• L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes So Couture is fab, me steph n anna luv it separates and builds a fab false lash look and you can build it and build it for evening look. I got baggy puffy skin above my eye socket and it doesnt transfer. Highly recommend. – Wendy

Thanks to all who took the time to comment.

I also asked My daughter Layla what she recommends and she said one from Bodycare, volumising mascara lash extreme.

If you are currently experiencing Mascara unhappiness then I do hope some of the above comments may have helped you with your next selection. Please feel free to comment about your favourite mascara or your findings in the comment box below Lisa x x



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