Cleaning your Make up brushes

Make up brushes after cleaning

Make up brushes after cleaning

  Tonight I was having a spring clean in the bedroom and stopped to do my weekly brush clean and it dawned on me that this is something that often gets ignored, in fact one of my friends admitted to me this week that she just throws her make brushes away and buys new ones, now I was quite surprised by this flippant action as I have always invested in decent make up brushes kept them clean and they have lasted me for years and years.
I thought I would share with you a few various ways I have come across over the years about cleaning your make up brushes.
A few thing you need to remember are; – 1/ do you best to keep water from getting in the brush handle as this is where the bristles are held together with glue and it may cause bristles to come out, 2/ don’t store brush upright after until completely dry.

Believe me if you are not in any kind of routine for cleaning brushes you will do your best to try to talk yourself out of doing it, now is not a good time, my brushes won’t be dry in time, I will do them after I’ve put my make up on (opse I’ve forgot) so just get them done, I always think using your make up brushes after they have been washed it like getting into clean sheets. Honestly once you start you will love how it feels!
Here’s what you need
Anti bacteria hand wash / mild shampoo or Dermalogica medibac cleanser or a gel cleanser.
A clean dry flannel or hand towel

Start by washing your hands, then whatever shampoo, cleanser, hand wash you decide to use place a pea size in the palm of your hand then gently with the brush swirl in circles, start running warm water and rinse the cleanser off, apply another pea size and repeat as many times as you need until the water runs clear, do your best not to scrub the bristles hard as you don’t want them falling out. Once you are happy it’s clean get either a dry clean face flannel or hand towel and squeeze the excess water out then using the same gentle circular motion you used for washing the brush now dry the brush, you are not trying to get the brush totally dry just removing the excess water and then shaping the bristles back into the original shape. Place the brush on a clean towel on a flat surface, if the heating is on I sometimes place on a towel on the radiator ( do not place bushes on radiator without a towel, or you can place on a window ledge if it’s warm and sunny ideally or just in a warm place, do not attempt to dry with a hair dryer.

How often to clean brushes? Well I try to clean mine once a week because I wear make up every day, unless in am not leaving the house. If you are using your brushes on other people Then most defiantly I would say clean them after every use.

Happy Brush Cleaning
Lisa x