Weekend Lashes – The Questions?

Weekend lashes is a question we get asked about so much,  hopefully I will be able to answer all your questions.

1/ What are weekend lashes? – Weekend lashes are also other wise known as cluster lashes, they are a cluster of 4/5 or 6 lashes together.  They come in various sizes from mini, small, medium to large and also black or brown, but I only use black personally.

2/ How are they applied? – We add a drop of glue to the end where they are all joined together and this is then applied to your own lashes.

3/ How long do they take to apply? – About 20-30 minutes depending if you arrive with Mascara on or not? If you arrive with Mascara on then you would be asked to remove this first.

4/ How long do they last? – Well this all depends how well you look after them! usually a weekend to a week is most common, it all depends how fast your lashes grow.

5/ How do I look after them? – By removing eye make-up very carefully as most makeup removers may break down the glue, so maybe use a wipe round they eye area, if you use sponges, a flannel or any other type of cloth to remove your cleanser then keep away from the lash area.

6/ How do I remove them? – This is a salon professional treatment so we do have lash glue remover in the salon but it is not widely available to buy, firstly I will start by saying do not pick off as this may pull your own lashes off, start by getting a few cotton buds, some cotton pads, a bowl of warm water and some make up remover or baby oil, very gently put some make up remover or baby oil on a cotton bud and very lightly rub from one side to another where the lashes are attached, ensuring you do not get any make up remover in your eye, then alternate with warm water on a pad wiping over the eye and this will break the glue down very slowly, or if you do have lash glue remover just follow the instructions on the bottle. I would suggest you do one eye at a time if you are doing it yourself and be patient.

7/ How do I know what size lashes to ask for? – Your therapist will discuss with you the look you want, wether it be a fuller look or a longer dramatic look, or just simply a little fuller and longer.

Hope this answers any questions you may have, if you do have a question I have not covered here then drop me an email flutterbysalon@yahoo.co.uk or send us a message on my Facebook page

Lisa x




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