My top 10 Skin care tips

Here are my top 10 skin care tips

Lisa Carlin – Beauty Salon owner and Skin care Specialist

Dermalogica trained and certified therapist, salon and retailer

Lisa FLutterby Salon

Lisa Flutterby

  1. Always start by washing your hands and use clean flannels and towels every time.
  2. Start by having 3 great product Cleanser / Exfoliator / Moisturiser. There is not much point using serums, eye and lip creams if you don’t get the basics right
  3. Always remove cleanser with a hot flannel or sponges, do not use wipes or remove cleanser with wet cotton pads, remember your ears! Don’t forget to clean them too.
  4. Rinse a clean flannel in water, fold in half and roll up into a sausage shape, wring water out, place in microwave for 20- 30 seconds and then you have a lovely steamed flannel to open pores use this to remove your cleanser.
  5. If having a shower or a bath always wash your face after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair this removes any residue product that may be left on the skin.
  6. Use a lip balm all year regardless of the weather conditions.
  7. Check shelf life and expiry dates on products, if its out of date chuck it, if it doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it give it away.
  8.  If you have night creams or moisturisers that are to rich for you or give you spots just use them on your neck area.
  9.  Remember to moisturise your neck, ears and back of your neck, these areas are more prone to sun damage and ageing and areas people forget to protect
  10. 10.  When applying moisturiser apply to the tips of your fingers only, dap on your face and just use fingers to blend, hands can be dry and will absorb a huge amount of product if you use your palms to rub in.

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