Looking after your Shellac nails

Shellac Nails!

Such a big subject where to start?

Well I think basically the purpose of this post is to highlight that you do have some maintenance to do your self in looking after your nails and getting them to last well for you.  I do hear on numerous occasions people say “Oh Shellac ruined my nails!” and my first question will be “Did you pick it off” 9 out of 10 people will say “yes”, next question “did you use a cuticle oil every day?” reply “no” well my response is I am not surprised! do not expect any sympathy from me at all!, this may seem a little harsh you say but this is a salon treatment which has become more available to buy the kit off the internet, but there is a skill to removing it, and looking out for any problems that may occur and some may not know what to look for, but how are you supposed to know if no one ever told you?

My tips for Happy and healthy Shellac Nails

I always recommend that you wear rubber gloves, (preferably Marigolds, yes they are a little more expensive but you will get months out of them) for washing up, gardening or any household chores that my involve detergent or bleach.

I recommend you use a good quality Cuticle Oil all the time, and I mean every day! No not a hand cream, oh well go on a hand cream but that is as well! I look at hand cream as a drink for your skin and a cuticle oil as a food for your nails, put it around and under your nails most definitely every night before you get in bed, and in the morning once you are washed, if you can get it on mid day as well all the better.

I would also recommend that you have a reshellac every 2 weeks, I have some clients who get longer and I am talking 4 or 5 weeks but sometimes they run the risk of them snapping.

You can file the nails when you have shellac on, again I have some clients who cut them down and file them but beware you are removing the seal on the free edge and making it easier for water to get in between the Shellac and the nail, and then the Shellac possibly lifting.

AVOID – Hot baths soaking your hands for hours under the water, heated swimming pools, spas, sauna, although your shellac will not immediately it will shorten its durability.

REMEMBER not everybody’s nails are the same, some peoples nails are weak some are strong, some nails react well to shellac others do not, some people just like it for a special occasion, others have it all the time, just remember NO PICKING!!!

And remember when your Shellac comes off, if you are not re applying it then you need to re buff your nails with a 3 way buffer. If you would like to know how to remove Shellac from your nails then pop over to my Website page Shellac Removal at Flutterby Salon Southport where I have explained everything you need and how to do it yourself as we would in a salon.

If you have any more questions for me about Shellac I will be happy to answer if I can. Lisa x

Shellac nails

Keep Calm and get Shellac nails


6 thoughts on “Looking after your Shellac nails

  1. Just had my first Shellac Nail treatment instead of my usual Gel Nails. How do they differ in endurance etc. I cant afford them too often I am a Pensioner but like nice hands, is there a way of caring for them t maintain for longer? Do they make my own nails very soft underneath? Patricia.

  2. I was cooking today and accidentally cut my shellac/gellux with a knife. The cut is only 3/4 mm long, how can I repair this/ stop all the shellac coming off? Thanks x

    • Hi Klara I would contact the salon where you has them done, to see if they can fix for you, put a plaster over it for no so you don’t bang it or make it worse.
      In my salon we would remove the Shellac and take a look to see if the nail can be or is worth saving it depends how far down the nail bed you have cut it. It is possible to apply a thin coat of gel to build the nail again and then re apply your shellac again x

      • Thank You, although I don’t think I’ve cut my nail only the shellac so I’ve applied ordinary top coat in hope it will stop it from getting worst! I will visit the salon today, thanks again x

    • Hi Chloe, i swim quite alot and I would say it does take its toll on your shellac or Gel, depending how long you swim for each time, the longer you swim and the more wrinklier your fingers go you may feel a few edges lift, I would say it’s fine, but you may just get a few less days out of your polish than normal.

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