Looking after your Shellac nails

Shellac Nails!

Such a big subject where to start?

Well I think basically the purpose of this post is to highlight that you do have some maintenance to do your self in looking after your nails and getting them to last well for you.  I do hear on numerous occasions people say “Oh Shellac ruined my nails!” and my first question will be “Did you pick it off” 9 out of 10 people will say “yes”, next question “did you use a cuticle oil every day?” reply “no” well my response is I am not surprised! do not expect any sympathy from me at all!, this may seem a little harsh you say but this is a salon treatment which has become more available to buy the kit off the internet, but there is a skill to removing it, and looking out for any problems that may occur and some may not know what to look for, but how are you supposed to know if no one ever told you?

My tips for Happy and healthy Shellac Nails

I always recommend that you wear rubber gloves, (preferably Marigolds, yes they are a little more expensive but you will get months out of them) for washing up, gardening or any household chores that my involve detergent or bleach.

I recommend you use a good quality Cuticle Oil all the time, and I mean every day! No not a hand cream, oh well go on a hand cream but that is as well! I look at hand cream as a drink for your skin and a cuticle oil as a food for your nails, put it around and under your nails most definitely every night before you get in bed, and in the morning once you are washed, if you can get it on mid day as well all the better.

I would also recommend that you have a reshellac every 2 weeks, I have some clients who get longer and I am talking 4 or 5 weeks but sometimes they run the risk of them snapping.

You can file the nails when you have shellac on, again I have some clients who cut them down and file them but beware you are removing the seal on the free edge and making it easier for water to get in between the Shellac and the nail, and then the Shellac possibly lifting.

AVOID – Hot baths soaking your hands for hours under the water, heated swimming pools, spas, sauna, although your shellac will not immediately it will shorten its durability.

REMEMBER not everybody’s nails are the same, some peoples nails are weak some are strong, some nails react well to shellac others do not, some people just like it for a special occasion, others have it all the time, just remember NO PICKING!!!

And remember when your Shellac comes off, if you are not re applying it then you need to re buff your nails with a 3 way buffer. If you would like to know how to remove Shellac from your nails then pop over to my Website page Shellac Removal at Flutterby Salon Southport where I have explained everything you need and how to do it yourself as we would in a salon.

If you have any more questions for me about Shellac I will be happy to answer if I can. Lisa x

Shellac nails

Keep Calm and get Shellac nails


New to Waxing? – Does waxing Hurt?

The one thing I get asked about over and over again is

Does waxing hurt?

Now I am not being funny but you are about to have the hairs ripped out of the folicle to be blunt!  But there are things that you need to know that “could” help you!

Prior to your waxing treatment do lots of exfoliation, especially on the legs, under arms or arms, avoid any facial exfoliation.

Keep your skin well moisturised before and after the treatment, more so before because if your skin is dry or dehydrated then this will not help, the skin needs to be in good condition, any cuts patchy dryness, scabs on your skin can cause your skin to pull during the waxing process and may cause bleeding.

I have heard some cases where clients have been advised to take a pain killer prior to a treatment, and I have to say this is not my advice, the pain if any is a short sharp pull that goes after a few seconds.  If you are very sensitive during the run up to your period then I would also recommend you avoid this time and avoid caffine on the day as this can also make you  hypersensitive.

In my opinion and I am a regular waxer the secret is to keep on top of it! get your waxing done every 4 weeks! don’t leave it for months, keep it regular and I promise after a few months you wont bat an eyelid! In my experience its the ones who keep it up see a significant reduction in hair re-growth.

There are different waxing systems that are used for waxing different areas, warm or strip waxing is ideal for legs, arms, underarms and backs, and Hot wax is more suitable for Underarm, bikini and facial waxing.

Things to avoid after your waxing treatments would be Hot baths or showers, any immediate exposure to sun beds or sunbathing, excessive exercise or sweating, no deodorant or fake tans and no shaving in between waxes.

Things that might prevent you from having a waxing treatment would be if you are on any Acne medication or Roaccutane anti ageing or skin thinning products (Facial waxing) recent exposure to UV rays, or if you are sunburnt, if you are diabetic then you are best to have a patch test done prior to your treatment or lastly if you are allergic to oils.

In my Salon, Flutterby Salon Southport we use 2 wax systems Hava for Strip wax and Waxperts for the hot wax system