Make changes! Don’t just think about it!

One of the most common problem we have come across in January & February is neglect, we have all been so busy rushing around trying to make the festive period a success we have failed to look after ourselves. January is full of promises of new years resolutions but how many of us actually think looking after ourselves is important? we lead such busy lives rushing round after kids, husbands, wives, partners, parents and friends that we fail to see how important looking after ourselves is.

We look in the mirror first thing in the morning or last thing at night and think “Oh God! I look dreadful” but what are we actually doing about looking better? Dull drab dehydrated skin doesn’t just fix itself, simply wanting something enough wont make it happen, if you want nice skin then you have to spend some time looking after it and I am not talking hours here I am simply talking minutes.

Here are some changes you can make today

  • Ditch the face wipes! use a proper cleanser with a clean hot flannel to remove, don’t just splash it off
  • Drink more water, fruity teas or cordial
  • Incorporate a face scrub into your routine to remove all the dead skin and make your skin look fresh
  • face masks ~ this time of year we should be looking for a vitamin or rehydration mask
  • A heavier moisturiser may be required in the winter and use night creams to give your skin that extra boost it needs

Pamper yourself! take the time to have a hot bath use any products you have, even if its only 15 minutes will you miss that time out of your week?

Good luck, make changes! Don’t just think about it!

Lisa x

Dermalogica skin care therapist and retailer


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